Basic Information about Internet | Internet service

Basic Information about Internet Internet service

Basic information about Internet | Internet service
Basic information about Internet | Internet service

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      Internet is a community of computer 
systems from all around the global that lets in users to share facts and communicate with each other.

 We all are familiar with terms such as www, e-mail, and search engine; chatting online, web surfing and web page. All these terms are popular because they have one thing in common, that is the Internet. It has become an important part of our everyday life, be it anything related to household or office work or even school work. What exactly does Internet mean?


 The word Internet may be split into two keywords that is ‘inter’ that means inside or within and ‘net’ which means mesh, like those used by fishermen. Internet is like a life full of fun. It is life because all sorts of discussions can be hold with anyone and everyone at any time, 24 hours a day, from school, home, or from work place.

  Today, the Internet is a public, cooperative and self-sufficient facility accessible to millions of people around the world. Physically, the Internet uses a portion of the total public resources of the current public telecommunications network. Technically, which separates the Internet, it is a set of protocols called TCP / IP (for Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) protocols. Two recent conversions of Internet technology, intranet and extranet also use TCP / IP protocols.

 The most well-known and large used of the Internet is the workplace huge net (regularly abbreviated as "WWW" or "Internet"). Its outstanding characteristic is Hypertext, a technique of instantaneous cross-referencing. In maximum web websites, a few phrases or terms seem in a exclusive colour text than the rest; regularly this lesson is also underlined. whilst you pick out the sort of words or terms, you'll be transferred to a domain or page that is applicable to this phrase or phrase. every now and then there are buttons, pix, or pictures which might be "clickable". in case you flow the pointer to a place on a web website and the pointer will become a hand, it suggests that you could click on another website online and move.

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 The use of the internet, you have get entry to to billions of facts pages. internet browsing is executed with a web browser, the most famous of which are Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer. The presence of a specific net website online may be slightly unique depending on the browser you operate. in addition, later variations of a particular browser are capable of gift extra "bells and whistles" together with animation, virtual reality, sound and tune files than in advance versions.

Requirements for connecting to Internet

 Internet is not owned by a single person or organisation. Anyone can become the part of this largest network of the world and can share the available information. You need these following things to connect to Internet:

  • A computer system with Internet browsing software like Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • A telephone line that can be used for sending or receiving the data.
  • A modem (modulator-demodulator) to connect telephone line with the computer. It converts digital data of your computer into signals that can be transmitted over the phone line and at the receiving end back to digital form.
  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP), a company that offers you connectivity to Internet. When you send or receive the information on the Internet, it first reaches the ISP. In India, various ISPs are BSNL, Jio, MTNL, Bharti Infotel Ltd., HCL Infinet Ltd., Reliance Commn. Infrastructure Ltd., Idea, etc.

Components of Internet

 Internet is not just used for sending or receiving the information but it offers some very useful sources to its users. Some of the facilities available on Internet are:

World Wide Web (www)

Basic information about Internet | Internet service
World Wide Web

The World Wide Web, commonly known as www or web, is the public face of Internet. The text and snap shots you spot on net are the part of a web page. web sites are made-up of some of net pages and the world huge net is the result of most of these websites spun through internet pages just like the internet of a spider.


Electronic mail or e-mail is a widely used service of Internet to send or receive mails electronically. You can send or receive the mails within a fraction of second to any part of the world and at very affordable cost.


Chatting allows you to communicate with others in real time, i.e. you can send or receive instant text messages photo and voice message to chat with the far away friends and relatives. Unlike e-mail, chatting provides you a two-way communication. Video chatting is also possible.

Use Net

Use Net is a world wide bulletin board system that can be accessed through the Internet or through many online services. The use net contains more than 14,000 forums, called news groups. it's far used daily with the aid of hundreds of thousands of people around the arena. Users read and post e-mails, messages (called “articles”) to a number of newsgroups.

Internet Information Server

 IIS (Internet Information Server) is a group of Internet servers including the additional capabilities of Windows NT, 2000, XP, etc.
Basic information about Internet | Internet service
Internet Information Server

Internet Protocol

 Internet Protocol is responsible for addressing and sending data from one computer to another computer.


 Multimedia is the ability to display multimedia information, such as images, audio, video, animation and other multimedia data types.

Web Browser

 Web Browser is a application software that resides on your PC and can display text, images and multimedia data found on different web pages. This is  allows you  specifya web page, navigate (using links), and bookmark your favourite web pages. The commonly used web browsers are Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Mozila Firefox and Netscape Navigator.


Basic information about Internet | Internet service

 Website comprises of a collection of web pages that may be maintained and updated by an organisations like a Government or University department, a business house, a research institution, etc. Even an individual can also create and maintain his/her own website to promote certain ideas. 

The records on a website is saved inside the form of a sequence of documents that may be stored on one or extra computers.

a web web page refers to a document at the web. internet pages may be used to show written textual content, display pix, play video games/tune/sound outcomes and run video, etc


The process of moving from one website to another on the www is known as surfing. Like we flip through the pages of a magazine, we surf from one web page to another searching for information.

What can you do on the Internet?

 You must know basic information about Internet and computer The Internet provides many services to its users. Some of the services are discussed here.

  • Searching for Information
Basic information about Internet | Internet service
  • Searching for Information

 The internet is a storehouse of information on any topic. Using the World wide web (www) we can get access to textual matter, graphics, images, songs, videos and even movies.
Students use the internet to get information on topics they are studying.

  • To Communicate other.
  • Find jobs and opportunity.
  • Sending emails.
  • Blogging as a career.
  • Build his own online business .
  • Sales and purchase service.
  • Online teach others
  • online Advertising is very successful way.
  • You share your knowledge to other.
  • Earn money online.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Social networking.
  • Get unlimited songs and movie.
  • E-BOOK.

Lots of things you can do if you have Basic information about Internet.

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